Goodbye Broome

Your (always unique) sunsets.
Your heat.
Your crystalline sea.
Your so typical red.
Your never ending sun.
Your bikes.
Your so bizzarre thursdays.
Your irish tuesdays.
Your only disco.
Your streets.
Your Stewart Street.
Your midnight bbqs.
Your homemade pizzas.
Your mixture of countries.
Your cafes.
Your markets.
Your staircases to the moon.
Your only 4WD roads.
Your sharks and whatever animal you can think of.
Your so many things I’m forgetting right now.
Your dreams.
Your happiness.
Your time.
Your people. Mainly your people.

I will never forget you. Thanks. Thanks so much. It’s time to leave. To say goodbye. To keep chasing the sun.

See ya some day Broome

Una Vuelta por el Universo. Goodbye Broome. 

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